Discover New Version of Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart (for v. 2.0)

Advanced PDF Catalog extension for OpenCart is an intuitive and powerful tool for generating PDF document
Ovologics would like to introduce new version of Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart (for v. 2.0)
We have added some new functionality:
  • support for Opencart 2.3
  • support for mPDF 6.1 has added
  • log functionality was added to the extension
  • improved custom fonts support
  • DB utils and DB backup actions were added
  • saving pdf content to file was implemented
  • two new templates were added
We have fixed some issues and improved extension's functionality:
  • work with js-files was modified
  • "product list" functionality was changed
  • SQL and TPL files for all templates were modified.
  • the procedure of zip files creation was modified
  • an issue with pagination within Products list was fixed
  • functionality for template "BAR or QR" was fixed
You can find the new version here: