Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart 2.0

Advanced PDF Catalog extension for OpenCart is an intuitive and powerful tool for generating PDF document based on products user has selected. Generated PDF catalog could contain products' images, prices, titles and other metadata loaded from your store. Catalog cover, index and content could be appended by our extension from the given templates.
Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart is an easy way to gain bright results quickly. Final PDF appearance depends solely on designer's imagination. We already have included six different templates/layouts by default. You can burn your packaged PDF Catalog to CD, print for further distribution, save it on FTP and provide customers with URL to download it or mail PDF catalog to your customers directly.
Please provide us with your store URL after purchasing extension so we could create license key for you.
You can send store URL via email: ovologics[at]gmail[dot]com

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What you get with our product

Products export

Select products for further PDF file

  • export/generate catalog to PDF for emailing, sharing or printing;
  • filter products by criteria (category, brand, stock status, price range, product identifiers etc);
  • merge filtered products into one list to export
Html + css + sql


  • templates are based on html+css what makes template modification really simple;
  • ability to store list of products for further regeneration (in case if prices or other attributes will change)
Template creation , modification

Template modifications

  • exported pdf design based on predefined template;
  • template could be selected right before exporting. Different templates are available;
  • template could contain cover, index, page numbering;
  • template contains filtering by customers groups


  • localization support, UTF-8 support;
  • vqmod support;
  • support version 2.x



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Clients about us

Vaughan Shearer
Advanced PDF Catalog for Opencart Astute Office Supplies

” We were very impressed with the Advanced PDF Catalogue but needed a template to match our branding.
We requested Ovologics to create this for us based on a draft we had, they exceeded our expectations with the time and accuracy that they accomplished the task.
Well done Ovologics, we would use you again any day. “

Daniel Micu
Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart (for v. 2.0) badenis

” I bought the Advanced PDF Catalog extension and I’m very happy with it.
I encountered difficulty installing it, but I received immediate support and helpful. Gladly recommend this extension.
Thank you! “


” Best Opencart extension I ever seen, Straight forward and powerful. Many Thanks “

Nik Davy
Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart RUN2

” Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the PDF Catalogue module – it worked great out of the box, and there were no difficulties customising it to do what the client needed. Customer support was brilliant too – rapid response and helpful answers to the minor queries I did have. Well done guys, great job!
Thanks and best wishes,
Nik “

Igor Kr
Advanced PDF Catalog for Opencart Brand Name Distributors

” Awesome Extension. Would recommend for anyone who needs to make there online store into a catalog. “

Emanuel Celano
Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart Pennytravel

” I received an excellent service and great technical skill.
They added a free template to their extension Advanced PDF Catalog for Opencart after my request.
Thank you so much with all my heart, it was just the product I was looking for.
To buy, really recommended ! “

Steven Seatherton
Advanced PDF Catalog for Opencart CoastVW

” I purchased the PDF catalog for my opencart site and because I had a theme installed Olesya helped me install it.
Every issue I had was answered and sorted within a day!
Ovologics are HIGHLY recommended! “

Simple PDF Catalog for OpenCart Kitchen Depot

” I’ve made a lot of purchases in the past from different developers but OVOLogics and their team is simply the best. They offered a very professional solution with unlimited support and service. They not only installed the entire PDF catalog generator for me but also customized it to a point that it became a completely different module! They made it into something that I really needed for my business. I was very concerned about sharing detailed login info of my website so they offered to work with me over various encrypted meeting tools. Their turn around time was very short. I recommend their services to everyone and I am going to continue to use their services and products. They get a 10/10. “


” The PDF catalog module for Opencart has been a great purchase for our website. With it, we can embed our PDF product catalog in emails, hyperlink it on our invoices and even have a hard copy brochure made. I have to say that this is great value!
The product itself is good but the technical support from Ovologics was even better! They helped us get the module installed and customised just how we wanted it.
Thanks for making a great module and providing great support! “