Rename Manager

The Rename Manager is a program for renaming multiple files/folders at once. By configuring renaming methods the names can be manipulated in various ways.
The Rename Manager helps you to rename your files/folders using different masks for file/folder names and extensions, so that you can quickly and easily rename them into a format you want. You can rename file/folder names as well as files extensions.
It is easy to set up an advanced batch job using multiple methods on a large amount of files. All files/folders will be changes and saved in the same folder where they were placed before changing. Also you can easily rollback changes and start from the very beginning.

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What you get with our product

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Selected features

  • Unicode support
  • Preview new names in real time
  • Supports for different amount of files
  • Undo previous batch
  • Several renaming methods
  • Use multiple methods at once
Html + css + sql

Renaming methods

  • Change case of files/folders name
  • Remove / Delete part of files/folders name
  • Remove pattern from files/folders name
  • Replace part of files/folders name
  • Add / Insert text into files/folders name
  • New names based on a list of names
  • Change file attributes
  • Renumbering
Template creation , modification

More examples of use

  • Change the case of a files/folders name to uppercase or lowercase, or change the case of the first letter in every word.
  • Replace a part of a files/folders name based on a search pattern.
  • Add incrementing numbers to files/folders names.
  • Change file extensions.
  • Cleanup files/folders names and remove spaces and underscores.
  • Add a prefix or surfix to files/folders names.
  • Rollback names to original names if renaming batch goes wrong.
  • Add date taken to the file name of jpg/jpeg files.
  • Change existing numbers in files/folders names.


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